Friday, 13 March 2009

Sibling rivalry (Part 1)

I’ve seen it mentioned from time to time on the blogosphere how one automatically hated ones sibling’s records. Well, my house was no different (and to this day if my younger sister tells me a song is good I will assume it’s shit) but occasionally a record would transcend the rivalry. This was one of those. When I bought it family and friends alike found the call and response parts a bit hokey and thought I’d lost it, but it slowly became a favourite in our house. The sad thing is I mentioned it to BrotheRay who occasionally leaves comments on my posts a while ago and he couldn’t remember it. Come on Raymond click on the link below and let the memories come flooding back. The rest of you just enjoy a classic piece of Jonathan Richman camp.

mp3: Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - The Morning Of Our Lives (1978)

Classic covers (part 1)

I think I’ve spotted a gap in the market. I’ve seen loads of blogs about classic album sleeves but no mention of single picture covers. This pic for the ‘Tears Are Not Enough’ single would have made a great cover for the Lexicon of Love album.

mp3: Tears Are Not Enough – Tears Are Not Enough (Single Version) (1981)