Friday, 1 May 2009

We live so fast...

To celebrate finally getting my replacement stylus here is the song I was about to rip when I found my little darlings had broken the old one. It’s the six minute dance mix of We Live So Fast which in its original form was on the Luxury Gap album. This is ripped from the b-side of the Temptation 12 inch single.

If you’re familiar with this you’ll know the chorus starts “We live so fast…motion, motion..”. Back in the 80’s a friend of mine thought they were singing “bullshit bullshit” and I made the mistake of telling that to one of my kids. He of course told the others and now every time they hear this they sing “bullshit” and I get dirty looks from the boss if she’s around. (Of course, I sing along if she’s not there)

mp3: Heaven 17 - We Live So Fast (Dance Mix) (1982)