Monday, 16 November 2009


I’ve been tagged by Davy, who was tagged by Drew who was tagged by Chocolategirl64 who was tagged by…well check it out yourselves.

The rules are:
1 You have to post a song that makes you happy
2 You can tag as many people as you want
3 Say one thing about the blog that you tag that will make them smile.

Fortunately I’m not as grumpy as Mr H and don’t mind this sort of thing. At least his cunning ruse has worked and forced me to blog twice in the same month. I tag Kippers because I’m sure he won’t mind and he’ll probably also include a Mildly Interesting Pop Fact.

I trusted my instinct and didn’t think too much about my choice. If this doesn’t get your feet tapping and make you happy you’re probably dead.

Rockpile - Heart

Mildly Interesting Pop Fact: This is sung by Billy Bremner but not the Billy Bremner who played for L***s United and had fisticuffs with Kevin Keegan in the 1974 Charity Shield.

I would also have tagged Planet Mondo but I’ve been beaten to it.

Sunday, 15 November 2009


Shit, that’s one less than 50!!!

Happy Birthday to me.