Friday, 2 March 2012

Love Dance

Sheffield band Vision's only UK chart hit (plus b-side), No 74 in July 1983. It's classic 80s synth music but you get the feeling as it fades out that you've listened to half of a really good 12-inch single. I'll probably be buying the 12-inch in the coming weeks so stay tuned and we'll see if I'm right.

Vision - Love Dance (1983)
Vision - Vision (1983)


darkdance said...

The 12" Club Mix of "Love Dance" is similar to the 7" version here except the instrumental break is longer and then there are two more instumental breaks around dub vocals before you get the final chorus and fade out. The 12" b side is an extended instrumental version of the same song. The 7" b side here is apparently unique to this single.

Mick said...

I had a feeling you might know this one. More Vision comig soon.

Ghulam Mustefa Mughal said...

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Mick said...

Wow, such high praise. Fuck off!