Friday, 30 January 2009

And finally...

Today is also Mary Balin’s birthday. It’s No Secret that Marty is one of my all time favourite singers so I won’t even attempt to write a tribute while I’m half drunk on a Friday night. It’s just that “The summer had inhaled and held it’s breath too long..” is one of my favourite opening lines…

mp3: Jefferson Airplane - Comin’ Back To Me (1967)

I’ve got some reasonably rare stuff to post but that will have to wait for another day.


I went shopping today and picked up a bargain (see above). Donna Summers (and Giorgio Moroder’s) “rags to riches” concept album Once Upon A Time. Originally a double LP in four Acts sides one and four are the disco sides with no breaks between tracks (similar to the MacArthur Park Suite), side three is mostly slower material (with the extraordinary Dance Into My Life) and side two is the electronic side featuring this:

mp3: Donna Summer - Now I Need You (1977)

Vintage Phil

There’s not much love for Phil Collins on the blogosphere so I thought I should spread a little on this, his 58th birthday. To celebrate I’ve got an 18-year old Phil (that’s him with the pink vest and long hair) singing Space Child from Flaming Youth’s 1969 concept album Ark 2 which tells the story of man leaving Earth to escape Armageddon (or something).

If you’ve never seen the vinyl version of this album its cover was a real work of art; a three way gatefold sleeve with a stained glass window effect transparency on the front, the lyrics inside and the story on the back cover. For this track it says: “Suddenly, after all, there is a future, for here is the first child born in space. And he has no hang-ups about the past, accepting life with innocent trust.” Just in case you wondered what young Phil was singing about.

mp3: Flaming Youth - Space Child (1969)

Bonus song for those fools who claim that Genesis turned shit the moment Peter Gabriel left:
Genesis - Ripples (1976)

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Be seeing you...

In memory of Patrick McGoohan (March 19 1928 - January 13 2009) star of possibly the best TV series ever…

Friday, 9 January 2009

Commence to Dancing

Had to get rid of that Santa picture. More music will be posted soon I promise. Until then enjoy Laurel & Hardy dancing to The Gap Band. I can't take any credit for this clip but my boys and I have been enjoying it since we found it around Christmas time (We love these guys).