Friday, 28 September 2007

The Sound – Sense of Purpose

I was wondering what to post today when I came across this post over at the Vinyl District featuring tracks from The Sound’s second album ‘From The Lion’s Mouth’. This single is from the same album. I’ve seen The Sound compared to several post-punk bands, like Echo & the Bunnymen, Comsat Angels and even Joy Division, but this song is a dead ringer for the Teardrop Explodes. As with many bands from this era critical acclaim did not lead to high sales. For more information see this site which also includes interviews with surviving members.

mp3: The Sound - Sense of Purpose (What Are We Going To Do)
1981 Korova KOW 21

The album has had a CD release but seems to be currently unavailable unless you want to pay over £30 on Amazon Marketplace.

Monday, 24 September 2007


I thought it was a bit windy when I was making the wife’s early morning cuppa. Apparently we were having a mini tornado. It’s a beautiful day now, though.

mp3: David Bowie – When The Wind Blows (Extended Mix)

Friday, 21 September 2007

Music For Pleasure

If you read the last post you will get a feeling of déjà vu with this one. Two synthpop singles from the early 80’s by a band I know virtually nothing about. To be honest I get these songs and the ones I posted yesterday mixed up because of their age and stylistic similarity (or am I just getting old?).

At least this time I can tell you the band line-up:
Music For Pleasure
Mark Copson – Lead vocals
David Whitaker – Keyboards, synthesizers & vocals
Martin King – Bass & vocals
Christopher Oldroyd – Drums

Also in line with yesterday’s post, the 1st single is poppier and in my opinion better for it.

mp3: Music For Pleasure - The Human Factor (1980)

mp3: Music For Pleasure - Fuel To The Fire (1981)

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Here is The News...

Over a week since the last post? You have probably gathered I don’t have much spare time at the moment. The least I can do after all this time is offer two singles from the archive.

These singles from The News are both from 1981, obviously fit into the synthpop category and…that’s about it. I don’t know any more. If you know anything about them I’d love to hear from you.

These are not lost classics but I like them and they are good examples of what chart hopefuls were putting out at the time. They come from a time when titles like “Audio Video” sounded vaguely high tech.

mp3: The News - Audio Video

mp3: The News - A World Without Love

Monday, 10 September 2007

The Keys - I Don't Wanna Cry (1981)

The Keys formed in 1979 and disbanded in 1983. Their one album “The Keys Album”, produced by Joe Jackson, featured this great jangly pop song.

The Keys were:
Drew Barfield – vocals, bass
Steve Tatler – vocals, guitar
Ben Grove – vocals, guitar
Geoff Britton – drums

This really should have been a hit. I remember it getting reasonable airplay on Mike Read’s breakfast show but for some reason it didn’t happen.

mp3: The Keys - I Don't Wanna Cry (1981)

Singer/songwriter Drew Barfield is still recording and has a website with samples from his most recent album.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Short but sweet...

I’m taking my inspiration for this post from some comments over at Davy’s place about favourite short songs and Steve’s last post at Teenage Kicks where he talks about annoying his dad with his music. I can combine the two (sort of) with this selection of three of my favourite short songs.

mp3: The Buzzcocks – Oh Shit (1:36)
On a lovely summer afternoon in the late 70’s (probably 1978) I was playing music loud in my bedroom with the windows wide open when I noticed the old bag next door looking up at my window and shaking her head in disgust. There was only one thing for it: on went Oh Shit and I made sure the amp was turned up to 11 for the “fucking cow” bit. Well, it seemed like a good idea as a teenager.

mp3: The Residents – La La (1:04)
No story behind this. Just a great little track that I first heard on a sampler in the early 80’s.

mp3: Yes - We Have Heaven (1:39) *
Now I find this weird. As a teenager you want to annoy your parents with your music but mine steadfastly refused to complain apart from telling me to turn it down sometimes. I tried heavy rock, punk and psychedelia but nothing seemed to work. This is the track that finally made my mother crack. She really hated, and I mean hated, this song and to this day I can’t understand why. This was Jon Anderson’s showcase on the Fragile album (each member of the band had one). It featured a multitracked vocal starting with a phrase which is repeated throughout the song, and this is what she hated most of all. The lyric sites can’t agree what the phrase actually is.
Here are three guesses:
Tell the moon, don’t tell the marcher
Tell the moon, don’t tell the march hare
Tell the moondogs, tell the march hare
As for me, I don’t care - I gave up trying to decipher Jon Anderson lyrics years ago. I just think it sounds great.

*you wouldn’t know it from the stuff I post on this blog but prog rock is a guilty secret of mine, especially what is now classed as symphonic prog.

Buy Buzzcocks here, The Residents here and Yes here.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Roll Over Beethoven…This is Bram Tchaikovsky

I was looking for inspiration today so I took it from this post over at Teenage Kicks which featured You Beat The Hell Outta Me and Dancing The Night Away by The Motors. As good as The Motors were I’ve never heard anything from them as good as former member Bram Tchaikovsky’s Girl Of My Dreams (1979). From 1980, and presumably not featuring Bram Tchaikovsky, Love and Loneliness is one of my favourite Motors songs with a BIG sound.

mp3: Bram Tchaikovsky – Girl Of My Dreams

mp3: The Motors – Love and Loneliness

Buy the Motors here. I think you need to look at Ebay for Bram Tchaikovsky.

I have cheated a little bit on this post. The scans above are taken from the picture sleeves of my singles but both tracks are taken from CD’s and are slightly longer than the single versions.