Friday, 28 September 2007

The Sound – Sense of Purpose

I was wondering what to post today when I came across this post over at the Vinyl District featuring tracks from The Sound’s second album ‘From The Lion’s Mouth’. This single is from the same album. I’ve seen The Sound compared to several post-punk bands, like Echo & the Bunnymen, Comsat Angels and even Joy Division, but this song is a dead ringer for the Teardrop Explodes. As with many bands from this era critical acclaim did not lead to high sales. For more information see this site which also includes interviews with surviving members.

mp3: The Sound - Sense of Purpose (What Are We Going To Do)
1981 Korova KOW 21

The album has had a CD release but seems to be currently unavailable unless you want to pay over £30 on Amazon Marketplace.


Matt said...

Right you are! To be precise, the verses sound like Teardrop. (In fact the opening notes are a dead ringer for "Bouncing Babies".) I think the chorus sounds like some other group that I can't quite place.

Since you brought up Teardrop, I'll just mention that Teardrop's albums are a real bargain on the UK iTMS. They are priced well below average AND have lots of extra tracks. I recently blew much of my limited UK store credit on them and considered it money well spent.

I don't recall hearing The Sound before; enjoyed it. Thanks.


Thanks for joining the chorus! Cheers!

So It Goes said...

Bullseye again, Mick. This is really enjoyable, catchy stuff that deserves to be more widely heard.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. You need The Sound's first album Jeopardy. Twas on the Bunnymen's label Korova. A classic of it's time.


Mick said...

This seems to be going down well. Glad you are all enjoying it. The odd thing is I've had it on my hard drive ready to go for ages but I've been too lazy to do the research for a post. When I saw the songs on The Vinyl District I thought I'd been beaten to it, so I breathed a sigh of relief when I noticed this wasn't there and it gave me the kick up the butt I needed.