Friday, 21 September 2007

Music For Pleasure

If you read the last post you will get a feeling of déjà vu with this one. Two synthpop singles from the early 80’s by a band I know virtually nothing about. To be honest I get these songs and the ones I posted yesterday mixed up because of their age and stylistic similarity (or am I just getting old?).

At least this time I can tell you the band line-up:
Music For Pleasure
Mark Copson – Lead vocals
David Whitaker – Keyboards, synthesizers & vocals
Martin King – Bass & vocals
Christopher Oldroyd – Drums

Also in line with yesterday’s post, the 1st single is poppier and in my opinion better for it.

mp3: Music For Pleasure - The Human Factor (1980)

mp3: Music For Pleasure - Fuel To The Fire (1981)


Anonymous said...

Cool. The Human Factor was on a great compilation called Hicks From The Sticks which featured a lot of northern bands like I'm So Hollow and The Expelaires.


Mick said...

Cheers, Rich. I've got 'To See You' by The Expelaires somewhere. I'll get around to posting it one day.

So It Goes said...

Oh, I don't know, I could imagine them being an early support act to OMD. I tend to agree about the song quality, that 'ay-yay-eh-ay' is straight out of 'Messages', don't you think?

Mick said...

And a bit of Depeche Mode in the Human Factor. I suppose you could say the sound of these songs (and those by The News from the previous post) are a bit 'generic' but there is a bit of a pioneering spirit. This was the early days of the genre after all. History shows that these songs were not hits but that makes them sound fresh.

iain said...

Mick, the only piece of info I can remember about Music For Pleasure is that their drummer was also a member of Girls At Our Best....
but i've never heard these songs before, and i'm loving them :)

Mick said...

Glad you're loving them, Iain and thanks for the info. I've got some Girls At Our Best on tape but nothing to play it on (yet).

gareth Walters said...

Excellent! Saw these guys in Sheffield in 1981, great to hear Fuel to the Fire again, I remember the B-Side (Debris, I think), was even better. The Beeb used Fuel as background to a show trailer a couple of times and for a while it seemed they were going to make it.

Mick said...

Spot on, Gareth - the B-side is Debris. I have to admit I haven't played it recently and can't remember how it goes. Maybe I'll feature it in a future post.

Mats D. said...

Hi! I've googled Music For Pleasure many times.. without much luck! I can see that my comment here is late hehe.. MFP released many singles and two lps before they split in 1984. Both the singer and keyboardist played with Danse Society afterwards, the drummer joined Red Lorry Yellow Lorry.. That's all I know anyway.

Here are the records I own:
The Human Factor (1980 Rage 7")
Fuel To the Fire (1981 Rage 7")
Switchback (1982 Polydor 7")
Time (1983 Polydor 7" + 12")
Disconnection (1984 Whirlpool 7")
Light (1982 Polydor 12")
Dark Crash (1983 Polydor 12")
Chrome Hit Corrosion (1984 4trk ep Polydor 12")
Into The Rain (1982 Polydor LP)
Blacklands (1984 Whirlpool LP)
And a gold enamel badge for the Time single produced for Polydor employees..

All the Polydor releases exists on both 7" and 12" formats (I think. ..) and probably tapes as well.

Good to know that there are still people enjoying this fine band.

Kind regards,
Mats, Norway