Friday, 7 September 2007

Short but sweet...

I’m taking my inspiration for this post from some comments over at Davy’s place about favourite short songs and Steve’s last post at Teenage Kicks where he talks about annoying his dad with his music. I can combine the two (sort of) with this selection of three of my favourite short songs.

mp3: The Buzzcocks – Oh Shit (1:36)
On a lovely summer afternoon in the late 70’s (probably 1978) I was playing music loud in my bedroom with the windows wide open when I noticed the old bag next door looking up at my window and shaking her head in disgust. There was only one thing for it: on went Oh Shit and I made sure the amp was turned up to 11 for the “fucking cow” bit. Well, it seemed like a good idea as a teenager.

mp3: The Residents – La La (1:04)
No story behind this. Just a great little track that I first heard on a sampler in the early 80’s.

mp3: Yes - We Have Heaven (1:39) *
Now I find this weird. As a teenager you want to annoy your parents with your music but mine steadfastly refused to complain apart from telling me to turn it down sometimes. I tried heavy rock, punk and psychedelia but nothing seemed to work. This is the track that finally made my mother crack. She really hated, and I mean hated, this song and to this day I can’t understand why. This was Jon Anderson’s showcase on the Fragile album (each member of the band had one). It featured a multitracked vocal starting with a phrase which is repeated throughout the song, and this is what she hated most of all. The lyric sites can’t agree what the phrase actually is.
Here are three guesses:
Tell the moon, don’t tell the marcher
Tell the moon, don’t tell the march hare
Tell the moondogs, tell the march hare
As for me, I don’t care - I gave up trying to decipher Jon Anderson lyrics years ago. I just think it sounds great.

*you wouldn’t know it from the stuff I post on this blog but prog rock is a guilty secret of mine, especially what is now classed as symphonic prog.

Buy Buzzcocks here, The Residents here and Yes here.


Davy H said...

Now I applaud you for posting Yes, I really do. And I'm reading 'The Rotters' Club' at the moment (have you? If not, you MUST!)and 'Tales Of Topographic Oceans' features largely.


I have to say, I agree with your Mum. BOY is that 'marcher/march hare thing irritating...

PLEASE post more 'symphonic prog' though, really. I want to LEARN.

So It Goes said...

I'm an inspiration to you! Thanks! I also have a Buzzcocks-related tale: I copied the lyrics using a typewriter. And Mum found them. So she put the piece of paper they were written on on top of my bin where I could see them.
No pudding for me that day, I don't think.

Mick said...

I don't get much time to read since the missus started dropping babies every other year, but that book looks interesting so I'll try to give it a go. As for posting more prog...what about my reputation? Actually , I think the odd post here and there would be OK now my secret's out. And who knows, there may be more surprises in the future. As you will have gathered I think of post punk/new wave/electro as my “thing” but there is much more to my collection.

When I was a kid I wrote down the words to Max Romeo’s Wet Dream (Davy will know this one) to see if I could figure out why the BBC banned it. Trouble is I couldn’t understand his Jamaican accent, especially on the last verse, so what I wrote was mostly gibberish. Mind you, I did get the “Lie down girl let me…” etc. but it went right over my head. My brother found my effort several years later and much piss taking ensued.

Emmett said...

Yes is great! And I had plum forgot about the existence of this song. Thanks for the memory-jog.

As for the lyrics to Wet Dream, they are:

You in your small corner, I stand in mine.
Big up push mister big thump tubby little fanny to me.

(just kidding... I have no idea, but I love that song, and especially that one indecipherable verse that doesn't rhyme.)

Mick said...

Emmett, from memory your version of the last verse is uncannily similar to mine.

robert said...

You're not alone. I love both Yes and The Buzzcocks. I wrote a piece several years ago for a punk fanzine regarding my love for prog rock, and amazingly enough, got very little crap for it!

Davy H said...

So we're all agreed then: more prog at RTVA Mick!

Mick said...

Well, OK. I was worried about this but if you can post Toto I can post prog.