Friday, 17 September 2010


Five posts in five days and all from the same box. I haven’t managed that in a long time. This record is the sort of obscure indie post punk stuff this blog was built on before I started neglecting it. The only reason I haven’t featured it before is I was going to link it to a ZigZag article about Wasted Youth that I found, but of course that would require time and effort so it was put on hold indefinitely. If you liked the gloomy stuff from my blogs classic period you should like this.

The band line-up is:
Ken Scott (vocals & guitar)
Rocco Barker (guitar)
Nick Nicole (synth)
Darren Murphy (bass)
Andy Scott (drums)

This single was released on Bridgehouse Records which, according to Wikipedia, was a label set up by the bass player's father in the pub he owned in Canning Town.

Side A: Wasted Youth - I’ll Remember You (1980)

Side B: Wasted Youth - My Friends Are Dead (1980)

Produced by Peter Perrett of The Only Ones fame.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Random Thursday

A big thank you to the six people who chose numbers for todays post. I had a back-up plan in case nobody bothered (an internet random number generator) but I’m so glad I didn’t have to resort to that.

So – let’s see what songs you picked. I’ve posted them in the order the emails arrived.

Davy chose 44: The Tubes - Prime Time (1979)
Because of their onstage antics the tubes had a reputation for being outrageous in the tabloids, probably aided by stories from their publicists. This though is a great melodic pop song from their best album Remote Control. Previously featured three years ago. Click here to see the coloured vinyl.

Simon chose 69: The Undertones – Julie Ocean (1981)
I particularly liked this at the time because it was a bit of a departure for the undertones, being more laid back than we’d come to expect. I couldn’t possibly link to an mp3 though because Feargal doesn’t approve of that sort of thing. If I was going to I’d put it here just for a few days. If Feargal calls I’ll tell him Simon made me do it.

Mondo chose 27: X-Ray Spex – Germ Free Adolescence (1978)
Brilliant choice from Mondo. One of my favourite records of the era. Bizarrely this was sandwiched between Secret Affair and Dionne Warwick

Kippers chose 88: The Motors – Love and Loneliness (1980)
A big production from The Motors first featured on the blog three years ago but well worth another listen.

DVD chose 11: Led Zeppelin – Over The Hills And Far Away (1973)
Looks a bit out of place here, doesn’t it? This is a US import I bought cheap in the late 70s. It’s Led Zepp in fairly restrained mode starting acoustically and building nicely. I still like it.

Tarkers chose 99: The Maisonettes – Heartache Avenue (1982)
Thanks Tarkers for giving me an excuse to post this. It sounds like it was influenced by 60s girl groups and soul but the production is very early 80s. I used to keep it near my Mari Wilson records.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wednesday - You must be crazy!

It occurred to me listening to this that if The Specials dropped all the political posturing and concentrated on making music instead of trying to write ‘issue of the week’ songs (we’ve done teenage pregnancy, date rape, inner city decay – what can we do now?) they could have been a pretty good band.*

This is great! Play LOUD!
Rico and The Special AKA - Jungle Music (1982)

B-side’s pretty good too
Rico and The Special AKA - Rasta Call You (1982)

I’ve decided tomorrow is random Thursday. Give me a number between 1 and 102 and that’s the record(s) I’ll post tomorrow – even if it’s embarrassing.

*The views expressed above do not necessarily represent the views of the author. In fact it could be a ruse to wind up aging rude boys.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


…and another record from my randomly selected singles box.

This EP was originally given away with the Rockpile Seconds Of Pleasure LP and it does what it says on the tin: Nick Lowe & Dave Edmunds perform four Everly Brothers songs live and unplugged in a radio studio. If you haven’t heard these versions before you’re in for a real treat. The vinyl rip is a bit noisy so if you like it the CD reissue of Seconds Of Pleasure features shiny digital versions.

1 Take A Message To Mary
2 Crying In The Rain
3 Poor Jenny
4 When Will I Be Loved

Monday, 13 September 2010


I pulled a random singles box out of the vinyl cupboard this weekend and the plan is to post a single every day this week. Shouldn’t be difficult.

I’m starting with this 60s girl group inspired jangly power pop gem. If that doesn’t arouse your curiosity nothing will.

Expressos - Tango In Mono (1981)