Tuesday, 14 September 2010


…and another record from my randomly selected singles box.

This EP was originally given away with the Rockpile Seconds Of Pleasure LP and it does what it says on the tin: Nick Lowe & Dave Edmunds perform four Everly Brothers songs live and unplugged in a radio studio. If you haven’t heard these versions before you’re in for a real treat. The vinyl rip is a bit noisy so if you like it the CD reissue of Seconds Of Pleasure features shiny digital versions.

1 Take A Message To Mary
2 Crying In The Rain
3 Poor Jenny
4 When Will I Be Loved


Mondo said...

Love the guitars Gibson J 200 played by everyone from Elvis to Townshend

Mick said...

Very cool. BTW this box also contains a copy of Delaney & Bonnies Comin' Home with Groupie (Superstar) on the b-side as featured on your blog. I would only have been 8 when I bought that.