Friday, 30 January 2009

Vintage Phil

There’s not much love for Phil Collins on the blogosphere so I thought I should spread a little on this, his 58th birthday. To celebrate I’ve got an 18-year old Phil (that’s him with the pink vest and long hair) singing Space Child from Flaming Youth’s 1969 concept album Ark 2 which tells the story of man leaving Earth to escape Armageddon (or something).

If you’ve never seen the vinyl version of this album its cover was a real work of art; a three way gatefold sleeve with a stained glass window effect transparency on the front, the lyrics inside and the story on the back cover. For this track it says: “Suddenly, after all, there is a future, for here is the first child born in space. And he has no hang-ups about the past, accepting life with innocent trust.” Just in case you wondered what young Phil was singing about.

mp3: Flaming Youth - Space Child (1969)

Bonus song for those fools who claim that Genesis turned shit the moment Peter Gabriel left:
Genesis - Ripples (1976)


Planet Mondo said...

It definitely seems to the Age Of Aquarius on the blogs this week, progathons all over the place - BTW the tunes right up my retro alley..

Phil also did a bit mid-seventies work with Eno, and Quite Sun with Phil Manzenara

PS check your hotmail, sent you the Fashion/Bill Nelson scans..

Mick said...

Got those scans just haven't got around to thanking you yet. I think I'll use them a the basis for a future post. Quiet Sun is one of those things I always meant to check out but never did.
i'm glad you sent the first comment because I was expecting some stick.

So It Goes said...

I agree, Mick: 'Follow You Follow Me', just to take one example, is as good as anything the Gabriel line-up ever did.

Mick said...

I will defend 'Follow You Follow Me' to the end of the earth. A great prog/pop crossover with a superb intro, classic pop structure and proggy synth solo at the end.

Anonymous said...

phil collins with hair - strange to see.. but yep, he used to have hair. he also used to be a great drummer, rather than that annoying guy singing those insipid songs of the 80's and 90's and beyond.

I had this album around 1976, thought it was great... but liked it less and less with every passing year.. and got rid of it.. which is a bummer, 'cos the original vinyl, which I had, with the stain glass window cover, is worth about $150 or 150 quid, I forget which currency...

I downloaded the cd a while back, and it sucked... this is a horrible album best left to the past LOL