Thursday, 23 April 2009

3 tracks from the BRILLS

I know things have been quiet round here a while but don’t go thinking I’ve run out of old records. Not before time Raiding The Vinyl Archive is getting a reboot. I’ve ordered a new stylus and I’m determined to post at least two pieces of old vinyl a week as well as occasionally indulging in other stuff like the drunken Friday post.

To get things rolling here’s a low key effort from 1979. I know next to nothing about The Brills except they appear to be from Scotland and I only know that because they are on this CD (which also apparently features the 5th best garage band from Aberdeen). These recordings have a nice spare sound with few embellishments so they stand or fall on the songs and performances, which I think you’ll agree are pretty good.

The Brills - Gang Of One
The Brills - What Is Done
The Brills - Burst Of Old Flames


Mike Ether said...

Excellent post! Cheers!

Mick said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment, Mike. Usually the more obscure records get the best response but I was beginning to think nobody appreciated this one.

Anonymous said...

Brian (Col B)Buchanan is a dear friend of mine.I can tell you that Brian has continued to make fantastic music over the years.Brian is one of the most naturally gifted musicians I have ever met and could coax a tune out of a wet fish if he had to.
Craig Wolfe an american living in Scotland during the 70's and early 80's was the sticksman.This recording was truly a diy effort with only 500 copies being pressed.