Thursday, 29 April 2010

1980 again

"Oh, no! He’s posting prog again!"

From Mike Rutherford’s Smallcreep’s Day LP, side one of which was based on Peter Currell Brown's surreal novel of the same name. And yes, that’s Mike Rutherford of Mike & The Mechanics who are responsible for many crimes against music but this is excellent whatever your genre bias. I know you all hate prog but you’re just bigots.

Mike Rutherford - Working In Line (1980)

Mildly Interesting Pop Fact: the singer on this is Noel McCalla who apparently auditioned for the 2009 series of X-Factor but didn’t get past the 'bootcamp' stage.


planet mondo said...

Gordon Giltrap and this is one week? It's a Progathon

Anonymous said...

I've just checked with the local officials and ascertained that P. M. Brown has no idea what is prog. Bigots unite. M

Mick said...

I'm not so sure, Anon. I read today his favourite Beatles song is Hey Jude so maybe he's got a liking for long songs with different movements. I bet he hates Jilted John's most famous song.

I thought about posting the Gordon Giltrap tune to tie in with your blog but I didn't have time/couldn't be arsed to rip it.