Tuesday, 27 April 2010

1980 Single of the Week

In 1980 with the release of the Black Sea LP I thought XTC had peaked. Little did I realise this was just the beginning and they would go on to be one of the greatest British bands ever.

The scans above are from the free poster that came with the Sgt. Rock single.

Side One: XTC - Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me) (1980)
Side Two: XTC - Living Through Another Cuba/Generals and Majors (Live) (1980)
Both ripped from the original single.


Mondo said...

Worra tune - love it. Didn't Andy Partridge do the artwork? Have you read Chalkhills and Children, well worth a go if you haven't.


I got a boomerang with Splodge's Two Little Boys.

An Ants booklet with the King's album

And a poster with the Dead Kennedy's Fresh Fruit album

Mick said...

That XTC book has been on my wants list for a while but the last time I looked they were asking silly money. Must try again soon.

I've got loads of posters and postcards from this era but nothing as cool as a boomerang. I got a comic book with the Skids A Woman In Winter single. I might put that up soon. My prize possession is a limited edition print signed by Bill Nelson.

The Sgt Rock comic strip was drawn by Chris Randall (I think it's on the 8th pic).

Mark said...

Ahh, lovely, and what you said is so true.

Freebies: signed doodads from Green off of Scritti Politti, poster from Elvis Costello's "Get Happy!" and, um, the booklet from Yes's "Fragile".

I've still got them all. Somewhere.

Mick said...

Got the Get Happy poster and Fragile booklet. Also two copies of the nice booklet with Paul Kantner/Jefferson Starship Blows Against The Empire. Also just remembered the lovely hardback book that came with Greenslade's The Pentateuch of the Cosmogony. These are all from my secret proggy past of course.

Kippers said...

Magic. Love the poster artwork too!

Freebies: umm, I found a Guardian sport section on the train this lunchtime, if that counts?

Mick said...

If it made you happy it counts.

I just remembered another good freebie - the stencil that came with the first TRB LP.

Kippers said...

Oh! That reminds me. I got a free RUN DMC stencil with their Mary Mary 7".

I'll get me coat.

Mick said...

I bought a Special AKA single once but I'm still waiting for my free Nelson Mandella (I don't see why your blog should have the monopoly on old jokes).

Kippers said...



darkdance said...
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Brit_it said...

brill! great track and never seen the special artwork before. cheers

Mick said...

Thanks. I see you've beaten regarding appreciation of singles from 1980.

What happened to your comment? You're not really banned, Honest. In answer to your question I live in a true blue area so you need to vote tactically, ie Lib Dem, to have any chance of getting the tories out.