Friday, 21 May 2010


Another lazy post I’m afraid.

I took this picture last Monday in the park at the other end of my road. That’s one of my boys on the horizon. I also had another son and a dog with me and they’re probably somewhere in the shadows.

Moody Blues – The Sun Set
A wonderful prog/pop/psych hybrid. I love the sound of the mellotron and the undisputed master is Mike Pinder of the Moodies.

Heaven 17 – Sunset Now
From their ‘Best of’ CD. When I get the chance I’ll replace it with a rip of the 12-inch single.

In totally unrelated news my car was covered in ash this morning and the kids were herded straight into their classrooms because of this.


Mondo said...

What a pair Moody Blues and Heaven 17 - who'da thought it. Love the odd strings and flutey toots on the MB's. Did you see the H17 doco earlier in the week - I've recorded it, but not watched yet.

Mick said...

No, I didn't know it was on but I've just hit the red buttom after Ashes To Ashes and seen them singing Temptation.

The 'odd strings' are the mellotron and it's that sound that first attracted me to prog rock. When the Moodies combine that sound with a good tune and soaring harmonies I love it and not in an ironic way.

Kippers said...

BBC2's been like the Heaven 17 channel this week. They even had a live performance from a couple of months ago on Sunday night in which the band played Penthouse & Pavement live in its entirety for the first time ever. It's probably still on the iPlayer if you hurry!

BTW that sunset pic's ace. Reminds me of the scenes in the country park towards the end of Gregory's Girl. Ahh.

Mick said...

Just watched some of that performance. I approached it with caution but found myself enjoying it.

A bit of pop trivia kids: Moody Blues and Heaven 17 both ended a vinyl album with the music continuing on the runout groove into the centre so it played ad infinitum . (On The Threshold Of A Dream by the Moodies and Penthouse and Pavement by Heaven 17.)

PS Glad you like the pic.

darkdance said...

Oh crap (it's that dog again), Mick presents another lovely English countryside landscape. I'm homesick. Nothing but pine trees here. My song for the pic is James Ray And The Performance "Mexico Sundown Blues." Doesn't really fit the pic but it's what came to mind after seeing the pic and reading his nibs' odd song choices. Perhaps too much sun reaches the balding head in these distant places.

Mick said...

These are the first two ‘sunset’ songs I thought of. There are loads more ‘sunrise’ and ‘dawn’ songs. The contrasting styles was deliberate. Never heard of James Ray but I like what I’ve heard of that song - haven’t listened to it all yet.

You know , I used to take great care with this blog for the first year or two; choose interesting songs and consider my words carefully etc. now I don’t have time and I end up throwing something online on a Friday evening just to remind people I’m still here and I think ‘I wouldn’t bother reading this crap.’ But keep faith everyone because I do have plans for the future.

…and at least I’m not balding…

darkdance said...

Actually, I'm surprised, with work and family, that you manage to keep up your blog at all. It is the last mp3 blog still going of all the blogs that I first started mining two years ago for certain kinds of mp3's that aren't available elsewhere. So that makes it special even if I don't always like your song choices. I do like your new color scheme, though.

darkdance said...

Oh, I meant colour scheme. We spell badly over here. Many of us over here vote badly, also. And as for balding, I wasn't either when I was your age, you brat. I believe that my recent tendancy toward deterioration has arisen as a consequence of my listening to your prog rock posts.

Mick said...

Yep! That music will make you go bald so the prognosis isn't good for you.