Friday, 22 April 2011

Depeche Mode with balls

There’s not a lot of information about Makaton Chat on the internet. The best place to look is this site written by a former member (and where I got the picture). The best description I’ve read of them is “Depeche Mode with balls.”

These three songs are from the same 12-inch single. Federal State Chance was the A-side but I’m not sure if that would have been my choice. There’s not a lot to choose between them.

Makaton Chat - Federal State Chance (1982)
Makaton Chat - It’s His Life Story (Hail The Wild!) (1982)
Makaton Chat - Communicate (1982)

Anthony Lindo – keyboards, lead vocal
John Hodgson – keyboards, backing vocal
Paul Fowler – drums
Richard Holmes – bass guitar

This band was from Teeside. Did you know I lived in Teeside from 1988 to 1990? I’ll tell you about it one day


Anonymous said...

Where do you find these?

Pretty good, would not have sounded out of place on Some Bizarre, and was that a reference to putting a cravat on in the first song? Strange days indeed.

Have a good bank holiday weekend.


darkdance said...

Paul, the dear Mick finds them in the nooks and crannies of his country manor house. He wears a silk smoking jacket with a cravat when he blogs. The only trouble is that the blighter blogs only once a damned bloody week while drinking American ale out of cans. I guess having a pretty wife, happy children, and a sucessful carreer does that to a bloke.

All I remember about this band is their name, which I don't get. They are all over the place besides Depeche Mode, musically, with ska keyboards and vocals that remind me at times of The Virgin Prunes. All three tracks are keepers to be reexamined while under the influence of zee zider to finally discern the meaning.

The wedding is just a week away! Will this one end in another car accident or a traditional divorce?

Mick said...

It’s all down to a misspent and slightly nerdy youth Paul and there’s more to come. It is a terrible name for a band, isn’t it? Almost as bad as Depeche Mode. Here’s a clue to its origins. Although looking at the picture maybe it should be chat as in French cat. And by the way once a week is better than I’ve managed for ages. I only remembered to post this because I got a nudge from young DavyH.

darkdance said...

Hoppy Easter, Mick, in case you are still a bit nerdy. I get the band's name now. No wonder I didn't get it before with my ties to Herts (including Luton - so recently derided by Dick 'aranton - eventhough Luton must surely be - one up on Teeside - that is not quite on the seaside). I could have googled the band's name, but it is so much easier having you take care of these matters for me.

Bro Ray's cure has failed to help me decipher the reference to a cravat in the title track. However, I think it sheer brilliance on your part to find a post punk synthpop new wave sort of song that includes such a reference. You could have made book on there being such a thing and I would have lost my shirt.

See you again in a couple weeks if not at the event.

darkdance said...

Er, a couple days. A few days, I mean. Oh never mind. I'm just running up the comment counter to make you look good.

BrotheRay said...

Indeed it is moving to hear The Cravat mentioned by such a combo.Most gratifying to behold by the pipe and smoking jacket fraternity.
Takes me back to The Small Faces referencing the Charabanc....
Oh how the years fall away...time for tea,nurse.

oldskool said...

Interesting. Always have loved their track on the "Your Secret's Safe With Us" compilation. Thank you!

darkdance said...

The Royal Wedding was quite the shindig. I'm glad I had a flask, though, as seating took forever and then the music and the accoustics were dreadful. Despite the trees. (Bro Ray, they were in pots so just temporary, I guess). I cannot recommend W. Abbey as a concert venue should anyone reading this be thinking about renting the place.

Have you made it home yet?

Mick said...

Just got back. God that champagne gives me a wicked hangover. I was going to give Harry my line about how it's traditional for the best man to get off with the bridesmaid but I think he figured it out for himself.

Been shopping today and will post something tonight or in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Hi all. It's the keyboard player from Makaton Chat here. The name was used because the singer worked with special needs young people and used "Makaton" in his work. Thanks for the kind comments re: Your Secrets Safe track (Shape Of The Song), that was one of the few that I sang lead on. Happy days.

oldskool said...
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