Friday, 1 April 2011

Last Man In Europe

Another from my seemingly, and in fact almost literally, endless pile of early 80s New Wave/postpunk/synthpop/electronic records.

This is another Bill Nelson production I was saving for the Cocteau Records feature that never happened. This was Coq 2 (Coq 1 being the magnificent Do You Dream In Colour?).

The main influence here appears to be The Cure (or maybe it’s coincidence), especially A Certain Bridge which like many early Cure records gets into a groove and doesn’t really go anywhere, so if you don’t like the first minute you might want to hit the stop button. Complications reminds me more of Bill Nelson’s Red Noise and is worth sticking with for the synth wig out in the last minute.

Last Man In Europe - A Certain Bridge (1981)

Last Man In Europe - T.V. Addict (1981)

Last Man In Europe - Complications (1981)


davyh said...

Sheesh but you're right re.'Bridge' - Robert Smith should sue!

I didn't know you lived in a country manor house, how lovely.

Mick said...

Darkdance thinks I do and I didn't want to spoil the illusion. You won't tell him, will you?

davyh said...

Mange tout Rodders, mange tout.

darkdance said...

I heard that! Rodders? Vous mangez tout? Je mange que des filles.

Fess up, Mick. Your manor house looks out on the sea. It has a secret garden. And you wear a silk smoking jacket with a cravat when you blog. I know.

Good tunes. There was nothing wrong with sounding like The Cure at the time. Lots of bands did.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love this! I didn't know the band, but I love this sound. And yes, what's the problem of sounding like The Cure? Probably by then the Cure also sounded like something else (but who knows and who cares, anyway?). Thanks Mick, I'm loving your blog!