Friday, 1 July 2011

To cut a long story short this reminds me of something…

Dave from Planet Mondo declared last Fridays offering “the most eighties sounding record I’ve ever heard.” This is another candidate from 1981. It occupies the same musical territory as the first two Spandau Ballet singles.

That’s considered a good thing around these parts.

To Kalon - Coming To Get You (Dance Mix) (4:49) (1981)
To Kalon - Coming To Get You (3:41) (1981)

I recommend the short version for a quick fix. The longer version is a classic early 80s extended mix with echo-y drums and vocals.


darkdance said...

Mick, you're up early, and you have discovered the good and fine along with the noble and beautiful. So Kalon. So worthy of comparison to my offerings in the love in.

"The Breakfast Club" soundtrack gets my vote as providing the most eighties sounding songs a warm moving body including Dave's might ever hear. Also any Simple Minds you care to dish up... but that's not a request.

Mick said...

Back in the early days of this blog I uploaded the rare as rocking horse shit Simple Minds flexi that came with initial copies of the I Travel single. The downloads went mad and I exceeded my monthly Fileden bandwidth. I'm planning to re-up some old stuff soon.

Kippers said...

First proper band I ever saw, Simple Minds. It was at the fag end of the 80s, mind you, when they'd jumped the shark somewhat. (The Live in the City of Light double album - which I bought on the day of release - was the beginning of the end, for me.

If last week's song was pure 1985, this week's is pure 1981. Records are often like antiques, trees or Jordan if you're a footballer. Easy to date.

darkdance said...

Kippers, I disagree emphatically with your oversimplification of early 1980's music. I take the position that 1980-83 was the last period of fertile creativity in rock music and all that has come since is or are mere technically enhanced echos of the past. If I was Mick, I would upload a set of five 1980-83 songs from my archive and from my club days and ask you pigeon hole those songs as to specific year without reading the file notes or resorting to the web (listen without looking is what we call it in the business). A fiver says you'll lay an egg if you're an honest man.

Mick said...

Now Darkdance don't come round here picking on my guests. Here's a candygram to calm you down. He said records are often easy to date, not always, and you can't really argue with that.

I fully agree with the rest of your comment. There's been nothing new since the mid 80s, just technical refinements (which often spoil things) and lots of mix & matching.

darkdance said...

Sorry Kippers and thanks Mick. I needed that. Sometimes I get excited. You know how it is. Although I could have used the fiver....

You see it's all this amazing stuff from the long forgoteen music halls that your older but not oldest 'bro has been sharing with me. The party on the side goes on.

BrotheRay said...


'As I walk along the Bois Boolong
With an Independent air...
You can hear the girls declare
He must be a millioaire...'

Anonymous said...

can you post the other tracks of the single FREE
(you did the style council live track)

from italy, gianluca

BrotheRay said...

What on Earth are we doing here...?

"Blossom Toes - 'What On Earth' (1968)"

darkdance said...

I often wonder what I am doing here. Years ago, I gave up on the mothership returning for me. It was my fault for getting crocked and falling out, I guess.

And so I travel in time. I recall the Viking raiders that crossed our shores long ago and decicimated our land but who eventually colonized and became a part of our world welcome or not. And now they who stayed at home have been raided by a lunatic from within. The carnage may as well have happened here.

Bucks Fizz Whem We Were Young" Extended Version (1983)

From a year when Great Britain won the Eurovision contest....

darkdance said...

Mick should grant me a large cash reward for my incredibly poor typing. Damned these infernal machines.

BrotheRay said...

Wise words dance....

and so for the people of Norway...

"John Stewart - 'Kansas' (1974)"

BrotheRay said...

Don't want to come across as anal Dark,but we didn't win Eurovision in 1983.
It was won by Corrine Hermes for Luxembourg with 'Si La Vie Est Cadeau'.

darkdance said...

Sorry to confuse. I think Bucks Fizz won in 1981. The song I picked is from two years later.

UGA Wino said...

Sounds like the bastard lovechild of Oingo Boingo and the Talking Heads.

darkdance said...

Wino, could you be a bit less subtle and say what's on your mind? Do you know "Wine World" from the 1980 EP by Pink Section from S.F.? Highly recommend and would be happy to upload if you can't find it. In the meanwhile, in hopes of making your visit worthwhile, here's a new wave 7" classic that I recently recommended to Bro The Ray so that makes it relevant and important. Mick probably won't like it, of course, but so it goes.

Barbi And The Kens "Just A Gigolo" (1980)

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