Thursday, 5 July 2007

Flexible friends part 3

Today’s flexi disc came bundled with the Simple Minds I Travel single. This is 1980 Simple Minds, right in the middle of their 1979-1982 golden era.

Kaleidoscope (Download), a brooding rock ballad where the occasionally overpowering drums and guitars are embellished with lovely piano or keyboard lines (to quote a pretty accurate review on Amazon) is available on the Celebration compilation.

Film Theme Dub (Download) finds them in Kraftwerk territory with a variation of the Reel to Real Cacophony instrumental. As far as I know this version has not been released on CD.

As a bonus I am including New Warm Skin (Download), b-side of I Travel, which reminds me of late John Foxx period Ultravox. A demo version of this song is available on Silver Box.

If you want to hear I Travel, and if you haven’t you really should, you will find it on Empires and Dance and the excellent Early Gold compilation.

OOPS! I exceeded my monthly bandwidth allowance. If you have had problems downloading please try again. And remember, if you enjoy these mp3s please support the artists by buying their music in the format of your choice.


JC said...

I knew this existed, but had never actually set eyes on it before.

Simple Minds really were an extraordinary band in the very early 80s...

Mick said...

Hello JC,

Hope things are going well in Canada.

Yes they were - and other people seem to agree. This post has proved very popular and I am dangerously close to my monthly bandwidth limit at Fileden with the reset one day away.

So It Goes said...

Yes, mick, I tried to download and was rewarded with 'the user has exceeded bandwidth, try again later'.
I may seem like an idiot for asking this, but what is bandwidth? (I'm a bit of a novice at this).

Mick said...

Hi Steve,

If you check your Fileden account you will see you get 5GB of bandwidth for download for every 30-days. I went and put my most popular post for ages online just two days before it was due to reset. If you log on to Fileden, click on files and look at the table on the left side of the screen you will see what I mean.

Russ said...

Great post, Empires and Dance is a fantastic album, shame it didn't bring in the returns like they're later stuff

Mick said...

Agreed, Russ. I've also got some late 70's/early 80's live Simple Minds that I intend to post at a future date.

iamnotthebeatles said...

The only flexidisc I ever owned was called 'Thumbs Up Book Early', which - as it is a flexi disc with a George Formyesque song performed by Frankie Woods and Fred Pontin (no less) and given away free at a Pontins when I was 5 - is in it's own way... ummm... extraordinary.

robin said...

nice one -- quite a rarity

FortDax said...

I'm really pleased to find these are still on the server after such a long time! When they were good, they were very, very good...

Andy said...


Any chance of a re up of this gem, it's the only thing I need to complete my collection

Film theme Dub


New Warm Skin

Any help would be great

Andy said...


PM me if you still have them


Billy Fish said...

I concur with the above

Make our day Mick

please reup Film theme Dub and New warm Skin

Please X10000000000000000000000000

and that's beggin'