Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Flexible friends Part 2

Fatal Charm were the support act on OMD’s 1980 “Organisation” tour. This two track flexi was given away free at gigs. I picked this one up at Guildford Civic Hall and managed to keep it safe in the mosh pit and get it home in one piece. OK, so there’s no mosh pit at OMD shows but there was no seating downstairs and believe it or not, you can dance to their music.

Here’s what the official programme had to say about Fatal Charm:

It started off on a two-track machine in a Nottingham flat. A singer, his songs, a guitar, a wasp synthesizer and a drum machine. The Fatal Charm grew out of that.

Some months later, the band played its first gig. Paul Arnall, the provocateur of the piece, had been joined by Kevin Davies (Bass), David Barker (keyboards) and Kevin Gallagher (drums).

Their reputation grew around Nottingham, and last November they released their first single on the Lincoln independent record label, Company. Paris, as it was titled, gave an early indication of the interesting brand of left-field pop that Arnall was developing. A few months later, three more tracks appeared on the indie compilation album, East.

Not totally happy with his own voice, Arnall found Sarah Simmons, a local girl who had been a backing singer in a couple of Midland bands. They went back to the flat, the two-track and started again, emerging with an even more absorbing selection, tracks like Western Laughter and Dark Eyes. Sarah’s contribution enhanced the songs in a strange, sinister way.

Since then The Fatal Charm have been building quietly, effectively. They release their first single in Jauary. Happy New Year.

Interesting trivia: Fatal Charm appeared on the first ever edition of The Tube. History does not record who the headline act was that night ;-)

If you want a copy of this flexi Vinyl Tap will sell you one for £20.

For more info there is a Fatal Charm website but I found singer Sarah Simmonds’ site more interesting.

mp3: Fatal Charm - Western Laughter

mp3: Fatal Charm - Dark Eyes

Even if you have never heard of Fatal Charm give these mp3's a try. It's good early 80's new wave pop.


Mark Hodgson said...

Fatal Charm were the first ever band I saw live on stage! They were supporting OMD (ITD) at UEA!

This was either late 1980 or early 1981...

Mick said...

I saw them on the same tour. I've recently re-discovered a live tape from 1981 that I forgot I had.

Anonymous said...

can't seem to download these tracks they have been removed any chance of re-uploading them thanks