Tuesday, 3 July 2007

More Reggae In The Blogosphere

I was going to post another old flexi disc but that can wait for a day or so. I’m taking time out to support the growing More Reggae In The Blogosphere campaign (or am I just jumping on the bandwagon?). I haven’t got much reggae in my collection but here’s a small contribution.

I first came across reggae poet Linton Kwesi Johnson on the OGWT in the early 80s when he performed Inglan Is A Bitch and Lorraine unaccompanied. I think there was a musicians’ union strike at the time but that could be my memory playing tricks. Needless to say I had never seen or heard anything quite like it before so I got a copy of Bass Culture, the album that featured these songs, on the strength of that performance. Unfortunately, it’s on tape and I don’t currently have the means to convert it, so here is the only LKJ vinyl I own. This song is also from Bass Culture.

Yet another More Reggae In The Blogosphere (c) posting 2007.


Davy H said...

Hee Hee! I was going to post this but you got there first for which, by the way, I salute you.

My first exposure to LKJ was his 'In Dub' which I still have on vinyl. It's grand, but of course the trouble with it is there are only snatches of him on it. And the track I liked best 'Iron Bar Dub' (version of 'Sonny's Lettah')is the one with most.

I really think he's an unsung hero of, never mind reggae, 'political' music in general.

Thanks for the nice comment over at The Ghost and thanks for the post Mick.

Davy H said...

PS: Now, back to those flexis pleeease.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Do you still have the Hey! Elastica 12" tracks? Found your post but no working links. Would love to get hold of them. Please get in touch if you can help!

jaybravo at gmail dot com

Mick said...

the only other track I have is Eat Your Heart Out courtesy of the Vinyl Villain. Check your inbox.

Already writing the next flexi post - and it's not one of the discs I've already mentioned.