Saturday, 14 July 2007

mp3 blogs really work...

As you will all be aware nearly every mp3 blog includes a paragraph urging readers to buy music by the artists they download if they like what they hear. Well, for any doubters out there, it actually works. Back in May I downloaded Return To Yesterday by The Lilac Time, I’m slightly embarrassed to say I don’t remember which blog it was from, and wondered how I had managed to miss it back in the 80’s. Fast forward two months to yesterday and I found myself in my local Virgin Megastore wanting some new music. I ended up buying The Lilac Time’s eponymous 1st album and “And Love For All” for £5 each purely on the strength of that one song.

On the drive home I listened to the first few tracks on “And Love For All” and immediately knew I’d made a good choice. As good as the opener Fields was, the next song, All For Love And Love For All, was even better; one of those great pop songs that grab you instantly on the first listen. It reminded my of Dream Academy’s Life In A Northern Town. My research when I got home revealed it had been a single (no surprise) but not a hit (no surprise again if you remember the late 80’s charts). What I didn’t pick up on, even though it’s very noticeable in retrospect, was the Andy Partridge production on seven songs. To be fair they don’t sound like XTC songs, it’s more the sound textures and harmonies, and that must be an Andy Partridge guitar solo on The Laundry. It’s just that I’ve been known to bore people with tales of just how great XTC are so I should have noticed.

So, for others like me who somehow missed The Lilac Time I present All For Love And Love For All and the song it reminded me of. It goes without saying if you like what you hear please support these artists by buying their music.

mp3: The Lilac Time - All For Love And Love For All (Buy)

mp3: Dream Academy - Life in A Northern Town (Buy)

P.S. I know I promised some Roxy Music but I decided to be more spontaneous with this post. RM will follow in the near future.

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