Friday, 3 August 2012

A Friday night record

So no comments for the Way of the West post. I can’t pretend I’m not disappointed, they are pretty good records after all. I know just the thing to get you all going. How about a record featuring Chas Jankel and Kenny Young, writers of ‘Ai No Corrida’ no less? Not that I would pretend these songs are in the same class but ‘Muchas Gracias’ is a ‘fun’ party record with an unmistakeable Chas feel and b-side ‘Limelight’ should really have been the a-side.

(Kenny Young/Chas Jankel)
Produced by Kenny Young, Chas Jankel, Chris Warwick

The Pack - Limelight (1981)
(Kenny Young/Herbie Armstrong)
Produced by Kenny Young


BrotheRay said...

Most definately agree the b side is the stronger...and judging by that,this I assume is the same Kenny Young of 'Under The Boardwalk',Clogagh Rogers,Mark Lidsay's 'Arizona' and Yellow Dog fame.

Mick said...

The very same. I meant to include this link in the post.

dickvandyke said...

I met Clodagh Rogers once during a recording of 3-2-1 at YTV in 1978. Very freckly.

Oh, and interesting post by the way.

Mick said...

BrotheRay will be jealous. Men of a certain age love Clodagh Rogers and he is that age. I heard her on the radio when Eurovision was on and she said she got booed by some sections for representing Royaume Uni.

dickvandyke said...

She won Dusty Bin by the way!

I think she fell victim of the 1970s evening dress. Light entertainment ensnared her. These days, she's be glammed up in fake tan and Hunter wellies - to go with the spangled hotpants.

In Monty Python's Flying Circus, 'The Cycling Tour', Mr Gulliver (Terry Jones) is convinced that he is Clodagh Rodgers.

londonlee said...

My mum used to call her Clodey Rotgut.

I completely forgot you were back blogging Mick.

Mick said...

There have been a few false dawns Lee but I'm determined to keep it up this time.

jeremy said...

I have a complete copy of them.

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María Ximena Gambino said...

Ronnie said...

That Way Of The West single - I didn't think I'd know it but I did! Nice find - thanks for posting! Do you have an 80s wants list? Let me know if there's anything in particular you're after and I'll have a look. I can send you mp3 rips if you like?

Anonymous said...

Loving the site, but gutted that I seem to have discovered it now that it's finished. Some of the earlier links don't work either, which is a shame. If anyone knows if Mick has a new site, please post a link so I can start following him, thanks, p

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