Wednesday, 5 December 2007

See you next week...

The vinyl archive will be closed for a few days while I fly north of the border to Dundee for a family wedding. It seems only fair I should leave you with something with a Dundee connection.

Not only is Ricky Ross of Deacon Blue from Dundee, he apparently taught my brother-in-law and, most importantly from my wife’s family’s point of view, he is a Dundee United supporter.

Here’s a song from Raintown, an album that starts inconspicuously but suddenly bursts into life on the 5th song (Loaded). From there it’s a real gem.

mp3: Deacon Blue - Loaded (Buy)

While I’m there I’ll visit Grouchos record shop if the boss will let me.

P.S. This is my 100th post so it really should be more of a landmark post but I just haven’t got the time.


Davy H said...

Well then Michael may I be the first to congratulate you on your first century. I will miss my dose of synthpop this weekend, but people must have weddings and things I suppose.


Danny Wilson's from Dundee and titled an early release the 'Dundee Demos.'

That's all I got.

Anonymous said...

Dundee's finest was Billy Mackenzie god bless 'im.



jimmy jazz said...

Whoah!...big flasback there...Dundee in the early 80's - Da Vinci's, Club Foot...happy days!

So It Goes said...

So I guess I won't be getting your votes, then, Michaelus: great shame :-((.
When I was working in Our Price, somebody crossed out the name of the album on the masterbag (the sleeve the disc was stored in until bought) and put 'Plymouth; instead. We did get our fair share of downpours.

Davy H said...

Oi! Post sumfink!!

Mick said...

I considered posting some Danny Wilson but Ricky teaching my in-law clinched it.

Agreed, but see above...

Mrs Mick remembers the name Da Vinci's but can't remember where it was.

You've got my votes now.

A post is on it's way but for reasons that will become apparent it won't be til tomorrow.

jimmy jazz said...

Da Vinci's was just off the Marketgait roundabout - next to the Fat Sam's at that time....