Thursday, 22 May 2008

Know when to shut up...

I went for my first job interview in 15 years today. That’s one reason I haven’t been blogging much recently; I’ve been researching the job and company. I think it went pretty well apart from my usual habit gabbling, my way of expelling nervous energy. I used to do it on first dates too (just ask Mrs Mick) so at least there were no awkward silences. Today, I got on a roll asking questions about the job and commenting on their replies. When I finally ran out of steam I said “I think that covers everything” and one of the interviewers said something like “I hope so.” I will know how I got on by the middle of next week.

So, anyway, this is meant to be a music blog and this is the first thing song that came to mind with all it’s descriptions of talking (although it doesn’t mention gabbling or jabbering).

mp3: King Crimson - Elephant Talk (1981) From this

For those of you suspicious of prog rock groups fear not, this wouldn’t sound out of place on Remain In Light or My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts


Planet Mondo said...

Blimey that's good - very Talking Heads (with a bit of early XTC too). There is way of getting from King Crimson to My Life In etc..

Bryan Ferry auditioned for King Crimson as a vocalist, Pete Sinfield later produced the first Roxy Album.

And then there's the Eno/Fripp team ups

Mick said...

I think Bryan not getting the King Crimson gig was probably the best result for both parties.

Another link between the two bands: Their names justifiably crop up whenever ‘best debut albums’ are being discussed. They both seemed to arrive fully formed.

Jude said...

replicating an elephant through guitar...

just how amazing is Adrian Belew?

dickvandyke said...

I went through exactly the same thing today Michael. I also gabbled .. inanely at times. I tempered this with some crappy line about it being difficult to encapsulate 25 years of work experience in an hour or so. I guess it didn't help in that I have fillings older than my interviewer!

Job ints are such a false scenario - which could easily be put right with a night down the pub.

It all boils down to: Can you do the job, will you do the job, and how will you fit in?

Fancy starting up a business?

Bon chance, old cock.

Mick said...

Hell, yes, DVD. Might not make any money (meh!) but at least it wouldn't be dull.

It's a trick he replicated on the first Tom Tom Club album if memory serves and he uses a similar style on parts of Remain In Light. It's a great sound.

Anonymous said...

would have preffered rabbit by chas'n'dave to illustrate your point

Matt said...

Anonymous beat me to it... saw the title, thought it might be Chas N Dave. Oh well.