Friday, 9 May 2008

Marilyn Dreams

I’m finding it impossible to devote much time to blogging at the moment so here’s a hastily assembled post for everyone who has dropped by looking for something new in the last week.

This is the 12-inch version of B-Movie’s follow up to Remembrance Day. I was disappointed with it at the time, but considering Remembrance Day is still one of my all time favourites I guess I would have considered almost anything unsatisfactory.

So, in short, not as good as Remembrance Day or Nowhere Girl but better than 90% of the stuff you’re likely to hear on the radio today.

mp3: B-Movie - Marilyn Dreams (12-inch version)


Ctelblog said...

Agree with you on this. Rememberance Day was fantastic. All their other stuff was disappointing in comparison.

darkdance said...

Marilyn's Dreams was B-Movie's first dance club hit (I mean in the underground punk and new wave clubs where I didn't grow up, of course). I am thrilled to finally find an mp3 of the extended version. I owe you whatever you might ask of me.

In the UK, Remembrance Day was it's own 12" release. However, in the US, Remembrance Day was on the b-side of the 1982 Nowhere Girl extended version 12" (on indy PVC and then Sire if I remember correctly). So Nowhere Girl got played a lot while Remembrance Day was ignored in the US. And BTW, in the UK, the original mix of Nowhere Girl was actually released on an indy EP in 1980. That EP was B-Movie's first record.

More recently, the band has come up with a rather pretentious and emotional rerecording of Remembrance Day that is available on cd. I can steal an mp3 of it for you if you don't already have it and want it.