Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Give the punters what they want

As you may have noticed I’ve been very lazy with my posts recently and my daily hits are dwindling as a result, apart from a recent deluge of people downloading Wire’s Our Swimmer thanks to a link on the excellent Post Punk Progressive Pop Party. The last time I posted Blue Rondo A La Turk I got a bollocking from the taste police but looking at my stats I get a fair few hits from people Googling them, usually looking for Klacto Vee Sedstein, so I’m going to risk their wrath (like I care) and post Klacto and a later effort sans la turk in the hope that more people will visit and I’ll feel wanted again.

mp3: Blue Rondo A La Turk - Klacto Vee Sedstein (1982)
Ripped from the Chewing The Fat LP
mp3: Blue Rondo - Masked Moods (1984)
Ripped from the 12-inch single

P.S. Mondo, if I had Me and Mr Sanchez I would have posted that too.


Planet Mondo said...

That's perfect timing Mick, I've been on a 'Blue Rondo' buzz since my Crocs run on Sunday - I've found a vid for 'Me And Mr Sanchez', but no downloads yet.

BRALT seem to have become retrospectively tarred with the 'Modern Romance - tacky salsa' brush, but at the time were regarded as super hip.

Mick said...

Quite right. They were rumoured to be the next big thing. With a little luck I might have a copy of 'Me and Mr Sanchez' soon...

Requiescant said...

Two things I remember about BRALT and 'Klacto....' are:
1)Den Hegarty, bass vocalist and nutjob from the band Darts, co-hosting Tiswas and introducing this track with some bizarre comedy schtick about how difficult it was to pronounce the band and the title.
2)When BRALT played live at The Ritz, Manchester in October 1982, the support act was a young Mancunian quartet playing their first ever live show....called The Smiths!

Thanks for posting this, it's the first time I've heard it almost 25 years.

Mick said...

It occurs to me that those Saturday morning kids shows were better at giving exposure to new bands than TOTP, which only featured chart acts. I remember seeing quite a few bands that never achieved mainstream success, although the only one that springs to mind is Hey! Elastica.

Anyone know what became of that Mancunian quartet?

Peewit said...

I saw BRALT at Uni and indeed they were very much promoted as the next big thing. Funny though, despite having seen them live I was convinced that Klactoveesedsteen was by Landscape and have been frustrated in my search for a greatest hits albums containing it. Now Of course I know why!

Davy H said...

A jazz bore writes..."Ah yes, 'Blue Rondo A La Turk' - track one, side one Dave Brubeck's seminal 'Time Out' LP..." x

Mick said...

I tried several times to leave a comment on your Courtney Pine post but no matter how light hearted I tried to make it, it came out sounding sarcastic so I gave up.

It may surprise you to learn I have a Dave Brubeck LP. I blagged it for free in the 80s when I thought I was getting into jazz because I had a Sade record and Donald Fagen namechecked him on The Nightfly LP. I've tried getting into it a few times but to be honest I can't stand it.

A comment you left on one of Davy's posts has gave me an idea for a post (if I can find the time). Watch this space...

Davy H said...

I expect a credit, possibly royalties.

Brubeck's was the first jazz album I ever heard up close and personal - Mart's Dad had it and we used to sneak it from the cupboard on the way to the whisky.

A white 50s suburban jazz LP - it's no wonder Fagen referenced it.

Love 'The Nightfly' btw and was thinking of posting about it this week, spookily.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

great blog! I put up some Blue Rondo stuff on Rapidshare,here's the link:

Dutch greetz,


Anonymous said...

Not sure why I can't copy the whole link,but here it is again


Anonymous said...

Can't believe this!!!

second part of the link:


Priceyboy said...

Any more mp3's from Chewing the Fat or Bees Knees and Chickens Elbows by Blue Rondo/Blue Rondo a la Turk would be greatly appreciated.

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