Monday, 23 April 2007

Mick's Mood

Remember the early eighties when the new romantics were on the rise? The music press at the time was always telling us the next big thing was going to be Latin American influenced music - salsa and beguine were the buzzwords. At the forefront of this movement was Blue Rondo A La Turk, followed by…er…can’t remember any others unless you include Modern Romance who had some novelty hits on the back of all the hype. The critics were kind to Blue Rondo but the commercial breakthrough never happened (and neither did the salsa/beguine movement as far as I can remember).
Here’s a song I’ve been enjoying recently from their 1982 Chewing The Fat album (some guy on Ebay wants £30 for a copy):
Two members (Mark Reilly and Danny White) left and found more commercial success as Matt Bianco by simplifying the formula and getting in a more TV/radio friendly singer in the form of Basia Trzetrzelewska.
Buy Matt Bianco here.


ally. said...

the wag club has a lot to answer for - soulless and jazzless phonies the lot of em

Mick said...

Well I did wonder if i was going to lose street cred by posting these (especially Matt Bianco)but I was listening to (and enjoying) Blue Rondo the other night so I figured "why not?"

Interestingly, I don't like real jazz much but I seem to have quite a bit of jazz light/pseudo jazz from the 80's.

Thanks for the feedback.

JC said...

Good on you for putting these up. There's a lot of folk who probably secretly like this sort of stuff but think they'll look uncool by admitting it. But as I've said repeatedly, I'll never slag off anyone's muscal tastes unless it consits solely of Keane.


soulles and jazzless phonies is ally being polite.

Bunch of chancers with pretentious mates writing for pretentious style mags was the only reason any of this lot got signed to record labels.


But I'll still come and visit on a regular basis.

Mick said...

When I posted these songs I said to the wife something like "I wonder how that will go down." I considered writing a disclaimer a bit like Tutu Vicar's Dire Straits post but decided against it - til now...

I bought Chewing The Fat when it came out because this music was new to me at the time. Some of it was pretentious (particularly the Method) but enjoyed a lot of it, particularly Carioca.

A girl that I went out with for about 18-months in the mid 80's loved Matt Bianco, particularly More Than I Can Bear, so that song is part of my life.

Interestingly, the Blue Rondo track seems to be popular with my readers in France.

Glad I haven't put you off visiting JC and I'm sure it won't be the last controversial post, particularly when i cat around to guilty pleasures.

And I really do like to receive good or bad feedback.

Mick said...

ally and jc

Take a look at this Youtube clip:

Was this one of you?

Darren said...

Wouldn't Animal Nightlife be considered part of that scene? Or where they too late?

I don't care if it makes me terminally unhip, but their 'Klacto Vee Sedstein' is a great track.

Mick said...


You are absolutely right. Interestingly, the same ex-girlfriend who loved Matt Bianco took me to see Animal Nightlife. Love Is Just The Great Pretender is another of those uncool but great songs.