Sunday, 8 April 2007

The sound or the future (or so I thought)

I remember being very taken with Visage's Fade To Grey at the tail end of 1980. Its cool drum machines and synths and spoken french pieces sounded so sophisticated to my ears. What I couldn't understand at the time was Steve Strange's claim that the New Romantic/Blitz movement was aimed at the dancefloor. Great as the record was all you could do was shuffle a bit to it. The follow-up Mind Of A Toy sounded much more like a dance record to me. I can't claim this is a great record but it has a great sound, very evocative of of 1981 and early new romantic music. Here it is in all its 12-inch glory.

mp3:Visage - Mind Of A Toy (Dance Mix)

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JC said...

While I would never list either song in an all-time Top 100, I'm with you on this being far superior to the better-known debut single.