Sunday, 29 April 2007


Dramatis was a band formed by members of Gary Numans backing band when he somewhat prematurely announced his retirement from live performance in 1981.

Their first single was Ex Luna Scientia which used heavily processed vocals and (probably) a vocoder to hide the fact that there wasn’t a natural lead vocalist or charismatic frontman. The record has an almost prog rock feel, which isn’t a bad thing in my book (more on that in a later blog). Whatever you thought of the record, and I thought it was excellent, you had to give them credit for not just cashing in on Gary Numans signature sound.

The same couldn’t really be said for the follow up Oh! Twenty Twenty Five which, while not terrible, sounds like a second string Numan song. On the picture sleeve the band have been given a new romantic makeover which they don’t look completely comfortable with.

They reunited with Gary for Love Needs No Disguise which finally gave them a UK top 40 hit.

Their short career is represented on The Dramatis Project confusingly credited to Tubeway Army featuring Gary Numan.


c said...

Any chance you have I Can See Her Now (short version)? I only have an extended version.

Mick said...

Unfortunately, I don't have I Can See Her Now. A Pity because it would have made this post more complete.

Requiescant said...

Their 1982 single 'The Shame' was one of my favourite singles from High School...(heard it on the Kid Jensen show, and bought it the same day as I bought Mick Karn's 'Sensitive')...then saw them on the David Essex show and thought they were apalling!!
The effect was pretty much the same for Philip Jap and White & Torch....I think it's obvious...David Essex ruined the 80s!!!!!