Sunday, 1 April 2007

Remembering BazFrogMarkStan

Is anyone else having trouble with Site meter? I’ll assume people are still reading and carry on posting.

When I first got my USB turntable one of the first albums I excavated from the vinyl archive was The Farmer’s Boys wonderful 1985 album With These Hands which I had been trying to get on CD for some time.

I am featuring the two singles which were actually released in 1984:

In The Country is a faithful and infectious cover of the old Cliff Richard hit from 1966. It reached number 44 in the UK chart.

Phew Wow! was the jaunty follow-up that stalled at 59. If you are good I will post the 12-inch version one day but I haven’t got round to converting it yet.
Quite why these didn’t find a wider audience is a mystery but it wasn’t due to lack of airplay. I remember hearing both quite regularly at work but significantly I was the only one that liked them, my colleagues being particularly hostile to Phew Wow! The allmusic guide claims they would have been commercially viable in 1965 and there was apparently renewed interest in them in the late 90’s so I guess it’s a case of wrong time and place.


JC said...
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JC said...

Site Meter has been slow in recent times....but shouldn't be preventing anyone from visiting.

There's also some problems with The Hype Machine (I haven't been updated for over a week, but hey, the download in traffic is saving on the bandwith problems), but again, regular visitors will try and bookmark.

Seemingly there were also problems with Fileden over the weekend, and this may have affected folks abilities to download the songs. (this was the para I added in the 2nd version of this posting...)

Been away for a few days, but just wanted to say thanks for recent postings....and in particular Farmers Boys & Positive Noise as I only have these songs on tape (until now...)

Pygar said...

The Farmer's Boys have been recording again recently.

Back in 1986, two of the boys had a splinter project called 'Ronny Can You Hear Me' with a female vocalist called Carol and released a single 'Vroom for Romance'.