Friday, 13 April 2007


I can’t remember the story behind this record but for some reason it was recorded in 1979 and not released until 1981. It was released on Rough Trade when Wire’s label at the time was Harvest but I can’t remember why even after (very little) research.
Ultimately it doesn’t matter – just enjoy a brilliant single.
Wire music can be purchased here
P.S. give it a listen even if you think you don’t like Wire.


chris fish said...

Classic single! one of the best ever Wire tracks, and it's got some competition. . . apparently it was recorded as a demo for the Charisma label after the band had left Harvest, and it took a while for Rough Trade to get the rights. In the meantime Wire had re-recorded the song in a more crazed way, for the bizarre Crazy About Love 12". That version is more like the "classic" Wire sound but it's just as good, I reckon.

Mick said...

Thanks for the info, Chris. I hoped somebody would fill in the blanks.