Wednesday, 2 May 2007


Back in the mid 70’s Bethnal played in the small west country town I grew up in. I didn’t actually see them (I was too young for pubs) but I heard good things so I took a gamble on this record a couple of years later. It’s a good example of late 70’s new wave. I could probably do without the “Someday you’re gonna need me…” spoken part but it doesn’t ruin the song and I suppose it adds period charm.

The band, from the Bethnal Green area of London (but you guessed that) made two albums, Dangerous Times and Crash Landing, but never made it big. It seems to me that there with so many punk and new wave bands around in the late 70’s some good ones were bound to slip through the net and not get the success they deserved. From what I’ve heard Bethnal could be one of them. The up side is that there are still a lot of records like this to be discovered.

mp3: Bethnal - Don't Do It (1978)

As far as I know their stuff is not available on CD so I guess you should try Ebay.


londonlee said...

I still have a copy of the 'Crash Landing' album which I used to love. Some of it sounds a bit duff now but there's some good stuff on it.

Mick said...

I think that's true of a lot of music from this era but the good stuff makes it worth it.

Staxxy said...

I also still have Crash Landing and the Don't Do It 12" both on vinyl (obviously). This is a band that should have done more. Very valid music and yes.... I do still listen to them occasionally

Nobbycat said...

I was lucky enough to catch Bethnal at the then Hammersmith Odeon,circa 1978, backing Hawkwind and despite a few chillums remember Bethnal as a thoroughly rocking footstomper of a bash completely blowing the follow up offstage.If any of the band are still out there could we have some re-issues please as you were greatly underated!

Chris Hillyer said...

We had Bethnal booked to play at my college in Clacton-on-Sea - St Osyth's teacher training college.
We rebooked them and I do believe they may have played on two more occasions. Good band and unlucky not make it bigger. They probably cooincided with the punk explosion and lost out.

Anonymous said...

Nick Michaels, the guiarist didn't even have copies of either album until I carefully restored them onto CD for him. He now owns a studio in Walthamstow in East London producing records for groups and singers.