Thursday, 3 May 2007


TV21 were a short lived Edinburgh band named after an old comic that featured comic strips of Gerry Anderson shows. I’ve always considered their final single, All Join Hands, to be a bit of a lost gem. It seems however that the band don’t agree with me. In an interview from 1991 (which you can read here) singer Norman Rodger describes it merely as OK and blames record company interference, while the interviewer describes it as ghastly. Both seem to agree it was not a fitting swansong especially compared to their previous output. I can’t comment on that because this was the only TV21 song I had heard until I discovered their myspace site today. The songs featured there certainly don’t sound like the same band.

My conclusion is if you hear All Join Hands with no pre-conceptions it’s a fine product of its era. Judge for yourself.

The line-up for this single is:
Neil E Baldwin - bass guitar/backing vocals
David B Hampton - piano/backing vocals
Alistair T Palmer - acoustic guitar/backing vocals
Alasdair J Paterson - drums/percussion/backing vocals
Norman W Rodger - acoustic guitar/lead & backing vocals

Drum machine rhythms - N Rodger/A Palmer/A Paterson
Sequencer - Michael Howlett

The Cannizaro Strings
Charlotte Buchanan – violin
Judith Herbert - Cello

TV21 - All Join Hands(mp3)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mick

Got to agree that All Join Hands is a great song but it is an atypical TV21 song. There's an alternative version of the song on the official site

Most of the songs at the Myspace date from early in their career although they were re-recorded earlier in 2007.

TV21 reformed for John Peel Day in 2005 and have been gigging intermittently ever since, with it has to be said increasing professionalism. Even though Norman confirmed some of what he said about AJH in an interview on my old website, I was staggered that they actually played it in their second gig early last year. It was different to hear it with 2 guitars, bass and drums!

There are new songs in the works and another show on 22nd June at the Bongo Club in Edinburgh. I'll be posting a review of Monday's excellent show supporting From The Jam later tonight.


Anonymous said...

I've got the venue wrong above - the next TV21 show is at the Citrus Club.


Anonymous said...

i actually have this on 7 inch format and have cherished it for years