Thursday, 10 May 2007

Mick Karn

No surprises today. Three songs from Japan bassist Mick Karn.

First a couple of random Mick Karn memories:

1. I saw Japan on their final tour and as you can imagine there was not a lot of movement on-stage. However, every so often Mick would suddenly glide across the stage at great speed with tiny footsteps. It’s hard to describe but it’s an image that stays with you. Incidentally, I attended this gig with my sister, my girlfriend and two of her friends, some of whom only wanted to swoon at “the world’s most beautiful man” (apparently that was David Sylvian, not me). In fact, exactly the audience the band were keen to get away from.

2. I remember Mick Karn sitting next to the great Dave Gilmour on Pop Quiz and either Mick is tiny or Dave is huge (probably a bit of both).

Sensitive is actually one of my top 5 lost classics from the eighties. We all knew he could play bass a bit (and his fretless bass is well up in the mix here) but could he sing? On the evidence of this single he had quite a sweet voice perfectly suited to the song.

Create and Melt is from his one-off collaboration with Bowie impersonator Pete Murphy. The Waking Hour by Dali’s Car had a striking cover that looked great as an LP but its effect is inevitably diminished on CD.

By 1987 David Sylvian was guest vocalist on Bouy. I remember being very pleased about this at the time because it was always rumoured that David and Mick had the most difficult relationship in the band.
By Mick Karn here.


Requiescant said...

Absolutely love 'Sensitive'. Should have been a massive hit. One of my mates, who LOVED Japan, thought it was the worst song ever recorded because of the lyrics!!

Another MK memory: I remember him being interviewed on the BBC arts/music show 'Riverside' and he had some of his sculptures on with him. He obviously thought the interviewer was a bit of an idiot for at one point he repeats the interviewer's question back to him slowly and deliberately as if to say "Are you REALLY asking me such a tedious question?"

Michael said...

Was it OGWT that Mr. Karn was with Angie Bowie? What the bleedin' hell was that about??

Anonymous said...

great image of Mick gliding across the stage.. I had forgotton all about how he used to move on stage.... magic.