Wednesday, 9 May 2007

David's New Career

If you read my last two posts you probably guessed where I was going.

David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto – Forbidden Colours
Or as it says on the sleeve: “The vocal version of the theme from the film Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence.” Brilliant!

David Sylvian – Silver Moon
My favourite track from the 1986 Gone To Earth album. The line-up for this track is pretty impressive:

David Sylvian – vocals, keyboards, guitar
Steve Jansen – drums
Ian Maidman – bass
Bill Nelson – guitars
Robert Fripp – solo guitar, frippertronics
B.J. Cole – pedal steel guitar
Mel Collins – soprano sax

I lost track of David Sylvian’s solo career after this but he has released several critically acclaimed albums available here.

Ryuichi Sakamoto also has a large back catalogue available here.


So It Goes said...

Hi Mick, thanks for your positive vibe about my blog. Yours is splendid too! I had 'Tin Drum' on tape while at Uni, and I played the bugger to death. Nice job!

Russ said...

Nice to see the Japan based posts, I've just seen your blog for the first time, and it's looking pretty good for me for finding lost songs.

I think the 'Polaroids' period is the best musically

Mick said...

Thanks for your comments. If all goes to plan the Japan related stuff will continue til Saturday.

Davy H said...

Am also loving the Japan-themed posts Mick, thanks. For me most of their stuff DOES stand up now, and some of Sylvian's solo work is terrific, in my humble.

Thanks for posting 'Forbidden Colours' which is really hard to get in its original form - I've come across Sylvian and Sakamoto re-recordings, instrumentals, extended mixes, blah blah. But this simple original - sublime.

I found it on 'Cream Balearic Classics' a while back (!) - but then cracked the CD into an unplayable state. DOH!

Mick said...


Glad you're enjoying it. There's still more good stuff to come.

Matt said...

I've been listening to various tracks on your blog this morning, enjoying the variety but I have to say that Forbidden Colours blew me away. I've added it to my list of things to purchase, if I can find a similar enough version that's readily available (Sylvan's album version on ITMS U.S. seems similar, haven't checked the UK store yet.)