Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Remembrance Day

b-movie were one of the many bands featured on the Some Bizarre Album in 1981. I can’t remember if their track was any good because I foolishly lent it to some-one about 20 years ago and I haven’t seen it (or her) since.

Things looked promising for them at first with the release of Remembrance Day, their excellent debut single, which reached No 61 in the UK chart. I always liked the combination of catchy tune and gloomy lyric. The disappointing follow-up Marilyn Dreams failed to build on this. I will feature it on a future post but to be honest I’ve got much better records to digitise first. A year later they released Nowhere Girl (another song for a future post) which really should have been their breakthrough single but for some reason it never happened for them.

Here for your listening pleasure is Remembrance Day and if by any chance you know a girl with a lisp called Annette (well I suppose she’ll be 40-something now) ask her if she’s got Mick’s Some Bizarre Album.

b-movie - Remembrance Day (mp3)


So It Goes said...

You rascal! This will have to be featured in a future 'Teenage Kicks' post, as it was in the 1984 chart, so I'll have to postpone it for some time....Cracking write-ups, mate. Keep up the good work.

Mick said...

Ooops! Sorry about that, Steve. It happens to us all from time to time.

darkdance said...

The legendary Some Bizzare compilation LP was reissued earlier this year (2008) on CD. Moles is the B-Movie track. I have not seen any mp3's from the CD being offered anywhere as yet.

Also see my comment on your Marilyn Dreams post. In the US, contrary to what I keep reading nowadays over two decades later, both Marilyn Dreams and Nowhere Girl got a lot of play in your better class of dance club when the songs were originally released on 12" singles. Remembrance Day got lost in the shuffle.

Jon said...

Just to be geeky, and 2 years out of date: Remembrance Day wasn't B-Movie's debut. That was a single called The Soldier Stood Alone. I justify my pedantry because The Soldier... is a belting track, well worth searching out.