Friday, 11 May 2007

Steve Jansen and Yukihiro Takahashi

Would you believe it? More Japan and YMO related music.

These two tracks are taken from a 1986 12-inch single by Steve Jansen and Yukihiro Takahashi, both drummers in their respective bands. As I remember it I wasn’t aware that they had collaborated but I came across it in a record shop and bought it unheard based on the pedigree of the artists.

Steve Jansen and Yukihiro Takahashi - Stay Close
Musically it wouldn’t sound out of place on Bill Nelson’s Getting The Holy Ghost across album which I always felt had a sort of uptempo Japan feel. I don’t know who took singing duties but there’s certainly a David Sylvian vibe.

Steve Jansen and Yukihiro Takahashi - Betsu-Ni
Rather than just remove the vocals and put an instrumental version on the B-side, as was the custom, the boys gave us another good song so I’ve included that too.

If you want to investigate more some of their music is available here.


Russ said...

Good stuff, keep it coming...

Mick said...

Well done, Russ.

That was the quickest response in the (admittedly short) history of this blog

Nomi said...

I have almost forgotten these songs. Thank you for posting them. I really love "Betsu-Ni".

Richard Anvil's Modern English Fan Blog said...

Hi There,
Thanks for putting these two tracks up. I love this single (did you know it got to no.1 in Japan?). Steve Jansen does the vocals. I think he has a great voice but is a reluctant singer. I noticed you have posted an mp3 from Takahashi's 'Wild & Moody' album. Any chance you could post the tracks Steve Jansen did on it (Stranger Things Have Happened)?

djethell said...

Please can you repost these links. I've never heard either track even being a big Japan and YMO fan. Much obliged if you can,
D x