Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Japan – the effeminate futurists

I had quite a long piece prepared about how listening to Japan now didn’t match my expectations but when I started citing examples it ended up almost sounding like an anti-Japan diatribe. This was not my intention at all and since I decided this blog would never be negative I decided to ditch it. Suffice to say I don’t find some of their moodier and more pretentious material so tolerable these days. Of course, this isn’t particularly surprising because obviously we grow and change but for a while in the eighties my favourite band was Japan, so there’s a slight sense of loss.

On the positive side, there’s still plenty to enjoy from their back catalogue. This being a (mostly) vinyl based blog I’ve chosen a couple of songs from 12-inch singles that, as far as I know, are not currently available on CD.

In Vogue is from a 12-inch EP called Live in Japan. This looks like a Japanese import but the record says it was made in Germany. The full track list is:
Side A
1. Deviation
2. Obscure Alternatives
Side B
1. In Vogue (mp3)
2. Sometimes I Feel So Low

The next few posts will feature various Japan related solo projects. You may see some connections with yesterday’s post.


JC said...

I understand completely where you're coming from. I don't think too many of the songs have aged well at all.

Mick said...

Welcome back after your busy week, JC.

It’s the more "atmospheric" tracks and David Sylvian’s croon that seem to have dated most. The tracks with less mannered vocals have fared better. I probably should have pointed out that Tin Drum still sounds good to me but 20 years ago I would have told you their best album was Gentlemen Take Polaroids and that’s most disappointing to me now.

Also for the benefit of non UK readers "the effeminate futurists" is a line from the "I’m Alan Partridge" sitcom that amused me because my older brother used to call them something similar but less polite.

Anonymous said...

I can never understand the attitude about music aging or sounding dated. I like it when music sounds like it's from a difrerent era - does Japan have to compete with Coldplay or Amy Winehouse ? All their music still sounds great to me. CN