Thursday, 17 July 2008

Leaving it All Behind

I bought this record back in 1979 purely because I noticed Charlie Tumahai, previously of Be Bop Deluxe, on the cover. At the time I thought it was ok but not really my thing. It’s a sort of light funk/soft rock hybrid with nice harmonies and a cracking tune. All that went over my head a bit in those heady new wave days but I re-discovered it in the mid 80s and I’ve considered it a lost gem ever since.

mp3: The Dukes - Leaving It All Behind (1979)

Charlie Tumahai was bass player and backing vocalist for Be Bop Deluxe from their 2nd album onwards. His singing features more prominently on this song than any other I can think of (not including live recordings):

mp3: Be Bop Deluxe - Forbidden Lovers (1976) (Buy)

The Dukes were a bit of a sideman supergroup as they also featured Jimmy McCulloch, who had previously played in numerous bands including Thunderclap Newman and Wings for whom he wrote and recorded the rather splendid (and possibly autobiographical) Wino Junko.

mp3: Wings - Wino Junko (1976) (Buy)


Davy H said...

It's a sort of rougher Steely Dan without the sardonic lyrics isn't it?

Mick said...

Spot on! I actually considered comparing it to Steely Dan but thought I would have to qualify it too much and confuse things.

Davy H said...

I bloody well love Steely Dan.

Mick said...

Oddly enough another band I rediscovered in the mid 80s. Started listening to all my pre-punk stuff again about this time.

mmrules said...

Thank you for The Be Bop Deluxe !

One of my Favorite bands..

MedicineJar said...

Wow thanks a lot for that. The Dukes must have released Leaving It All Behind after Jimmy passed away because I see their touring drummer Nick Trevisick on the cover.

Mick said...

I'm not sure about the chronology - it was a long time ago. I know they continued for a short time without Jimmy but I don't think they recorded anything. I get the feeling you know more about this band than I do.

MedicineJar said...

I am a huge Jimmy McCulloch fan. At the moment, I'm actually researching information for a biography/film documentary I am planning to do on Jimmy's life.

I know that The Dukes (when Jimmy was still alive) released their debut album of the same name and had a minor hit single in the summer of '79 with Hearts In Trouble. So, Leaving It All Behind was released after Jimmy's death, because he's not on the cover.