Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The Bay City Rollers of punk…

That’s apparently how Belfast band Starjets were once described because of their clean cut image and pop sensibilities. Singer Terry Sharpe later found more success with The Adventures.

mp3: Starjets - Schooldays (1979)

mp3: Starjets - Shiraleo (1980)

Now remember kids these scratchy old vinyl rips will only be here for a limited period. If you like what you hear you can buy nice shiny digital versions here.


Davy H said...


Mick said...

That showed him!

dickvandyke said...

Wot, no Moondogs!

brooksy said...

Ahhh - love the Starjets!!!
check out my blog:

Mick said...

I did The Moondogs here and The Tearjerkers here.

Nice blog. I'll add a link.

dickvandyke said...

Kinnell michael. 'You're the man'. 'Get in the hole' and other daft exclamations.

You have an archived library of goodies to turn to. Worth the effort from all those posts back.

I saw the Moondogs support The Undertones at Bradford St Georges Hall in about 1980. Great pop.

Thank you.

Mick said...

Thank you, Dick. The 1978 to 1983 era is the jewel in my record and CD collection and that was my main motivation for starting this blog.