Friday, 30 March 2007

The Moondogs

Doing the school run a couple of weeks ago I got talking to one of the other dads and told him about my USB turntable. He was very interested because like me he hasn’t had a turntable for several years and all his records are in storage, so I invited him round to browse through my collection and see how I convert them. He said he had about 1000 mostly punk and new wave singles and I was welcome to and borrow/copy anything I want. Yesterday he came round with two boxes of singles which were mostly pretty hardcore punk, which isn’t really my scene, but I picked out about 60 less punky ones to check out over the weekend. He’s going to unearth more boxes and bring them round over the next few weeks. You can be sure that any interesting items will be featured here.
Here’s a record from his collection I had never heard until last night. It’s a great piece of powerpop from Derry’s The Moondogs. It’s a sort of Undertones meets the Beatles song.
There’s an excellent Moondogs site here and you can buy their CD’s here.
Finally, thank you to Richard who's generosity and record collection made this possible

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