Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Some cool tunes from 1976

Why 1976? Just because that’s the year I really started collecting records. There are a few embarrassing ones but I’m posting these to give the impression my taste that really quite cool.

Some of you older readers will remember how you would be playing records and then one would be (or at least seem) twice as loud as the others. Cherry Bomb is one of those records. It grabbed you with the opening riff and didn’t let go for two and a half minutes. When I started digitising my old vinyl it became an instant favourite with my three boys (ages from 3 to 6) so I think that qualifies it as a timeless classic, in our house at least.

Oh and er…yes I really did cut pictures out of the NME and stick them to the sleeve. Well, picture sleeves weren’t common in those days so I was being creative, not sad. Honestly.

The Runaways - Cherry Bomb

Another timeless record but for different reasons is Can’s I Want More. This song defies categorisation, which is probably why it still sounds so fresh.

Can - I Want More

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Jamie said...

Thanks, that Can tune is one of my faves.