Wednesday, 28 March 2007

So far, so good...

It’s only three weeks since I started blogging I have had over 400 hits - far more than I ever imagined and due in no small part to referrals from the Vinyl Villain. I have thanked him for this and he was kind enough to say I have posted some interesting records, which is all very well but that’s no good if no-one knows they are there. I have decided the best way to say thanks is by featuring a great jock’n’roll single for him and his readers who decided to take a look.
Also thanks to everyone who has left encouraging messages. Your feedback is much appreciated.
This is a double A-sided single from Scotland’s Positive Noise from 1981.
Side A is Give Me Passion, which reminds me of Magazine and side AA is Ghosts, which is a bit Joy Division-y . The 20-year old me who bought this record preferred Ghosts, and to be honest I still do but Give Me Passion is much better than I remember it and probably more typical of the band.
Vocals are by Ross Middleton who went on to form Leisure Process with saxophonist Gary Barnacle, guest musician on what seemed like hundreds of British records in the 80’s. You can expect some Leisure Process in future posts.
As far as I know there are no Positive Noise CDs currently available but you can find their records on ebay.


Deanna said...

Yay Positive Noise! I do indeed thank you for "Ghosts" as I've been searching for that song for ages and ages. I am addicted to "Feel The Fear" and "Inhibitions" and take it that this is along the same vein. Also yay Scottish musicians and the Middleton brothers! So much great music appears to have come from Scotland (including the Scars, Simple Minds, Berlin Blondes, Endgames, the Sensational Alex Harvey Band [the only classic/prog rock group I like], Josef K, Orange Juice, the Fire Engines, and Altered Images) and that is really impressive IMO for a country as small as Scotland is. Thanks a billion for your blog, too. It is SO right up my alley and totally takes the place of the New Wave Outpost's Song Of The Week feature now that Mike Paulsen is no longer apparently doing that.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for posting "Ghosts". A band that never quite figured out their identity, I hope the albums get remastered and re-released.

tom said...

Like Deanna, I too have searched for so long for "Ghosts" the perfect blend of Magazine & Joy Division. Thanks So Much