Thursday, 22 March 2007

Quiet Men

Sorry about the lack of activity from the vinyl archives this week but I’m afraid I’ve had sick children to deal with. Anyway, here’s something keep you going til the weekend.
One of my favourite Ultravox songs is the single version of Quiet Men as featured on my old Three Into One album. A few years ago I got a copy of The Island Years, an excellent 16 track compilation, which apparently featured all 10 Three Into One tracks. However, the Quiet Men featured on this was the Systems of Romance album version. It’s still a great song but I prefer the single mix with the extra drum machine.
Fast forward to nearly a year ago (still way before I got my new turntable) Island Records released remastered versions of the first three Ultravox! albums. I immediately ordered a copy of Sytems Of Romance because:
(a) It’s my favourite Ultravox album.
(b) One of the bonus tracks was Quiet Men (Full Version) which I assumed was the single version.
And maybe it is but it sounds terrible – so trebbly and toppy that it hurts my ears to listen to it. It’s just this track – the rest of the CD sounds great.
So, just in case anyone else has experienced the same problem here is Quiet Men as featured on my old vinyl copy of Three Into One.

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Requiescant said...

I've always been puzzled by this version too. I had the 'Three Into One' album too which featured this version, but I also had a 7" single which (again) omitted the extra drum beats. 'Three Into One' seems to be the only place to find this version which I've always thought was the definitive mix.