Sunday, 18 March 2007

Dreams To Fill The Vacuum

I realise I should be more informative about the artists featured on this blog but in many cases I don’t know anything beyond the fact they made a record I obviously liked at the time.

A good example is Dreams To Fill The Vacuum by I’m So Hollow (1980); Heard it on the John Peel show, liked it, bought a copy, never heard of them before or since. I think a bit of Googling is required.

I’m So Hollow are a short lived band from Sheffield, contemporaries of Cabaret Voltaire, Human League, Clock DVA etc. They released a handful of singles and had tracks featured on compilations but never released their own album.

Band members were:
Yosef (Joe) Sawicki - drums
Rod Leigh - vocals/guitar
Gary Marsden - bass
Jane Wilson - synths/vocals

One unkind review had this to say: “This moderately unpleasant new-dance quartet from Sheffield has two awful singers, a solid drummer and a penchant for tossing in odd noises and “treatments” when the songs bog down. The music is competently dull, but the vocals are a real detriment.” I can only agree with one part of that. This is a good post-punk song augmented by “odd noises and treatments”.

I'm So Hollow - Dreams To Fill The Vacuum

Live footage of them can be seen in the Made In Sheffield DVD available here.


Rich C said...

Great stuff. They also did a track on the Hicks From The Sticks comp called I Don't Know and a Peel session in 1980.



nikospg said...

I'm so hollow had one LP"Emotion SoundMotion"
on Illuminated Records
here is the track list:
1.entrance (4:17)
2.which way? (3:02)
3.unbroken line (3:45)
4.touch (3:54)
5.collisions (3:55)
7.the triangular hour
9.nosferatu (1:07)
10.distraction (3:22)
in 1981 released after they broke up(i have it somewhere).I think they supported ClockDVA
(another fav. of mine)
They are on myspace and
Pink Grease(from Sheffield?)covered their song "Touch"!

Anonymous said...

Update 2008
Emotion sound motion is being remixed for download by former member of the band at Internext Music
Entrance is already on itunes