Saturday, 25 October 2008

The oldest record in the archive

This is my oldest surviving record bought with my own money when I was seven. If you look closely I’ve even written a little M for Michael on the label as a mark of ownership. It’s not my first; that honour would belong to Manfred Mann’s Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James but I’ve no idea where that is now.

The Herd’s I Don’t Want Our Loving To Die reached No 5 in 1968 and featured a very young Peter Frampton on guitar and vocals. I’ve featured a nice clean digital copy of the song here but when I eventually get my new stylus I think I’ll replace it with a crackly vinyl rip that would be much more in keeping with this blog.

mp3: The Herd - I Don’t Want Our Loving To Die (1968)

The picture below is even older than the record.


Davy H said...

Michael, please don't stand on the chair.

Anonymous said...

davy h, you need to know that he once fell off a chair onto his nose. It has left it's mark.


Davy H said...

You see!

dickvandyke said...

Magic our Michael.

'It's not a toy .. and don't play with the needle'.

You can have Pinky and Perky when you've finished your nice pink blancmange.

JC said...

I'm sure I must have got that top and those shorts as hand ne downs....but mum always insisted the socks were brand new.

Anonymous said...

holy crap, dude, you look very similar to me, facially, when I was that age.. scary.. wonder if we were seperated at birth? LOL