Friday, 31 October 2008

(Late) Halloween post

An under appreciated gem from Todd.

One of them plays a piccolo in my ear
Another one makes me smell things that aren't there
And they know where to hide
And they know everything that's inside
Of my head
Tiny demons, inside me

One of them ties a lasso around my heart
Another makes me nod when I drive the car
And they won't ever leave
But they won't show their faces to me
And they wait 'til I feel
Like they're gone and they jump out and steal
My relief
Tiny demons, inside me

Todd Rundgren - Tiny Demons (1981)


dickvandyke said...

You're not wrong Michael. I say, you're not wrong.

Little fuckers have a 10 year residency in my head.

Mick said...

Only 10 years? You lucky, lucky bastard.

Emmett said...

Great song! This was once used in an episode of Miami Vice.

ib said...

I love that line, especially, for some reason:

"One of them plays a piccolo in my ear"

And the illustration. Where did that come from, Mick ? Really nice.

ib said...

And the song is fucking great, too. I haven't heard this one before, and if I ever caught that episode of 'Miami Vice', Emmett, I forgot it. Criminally.

Mick said...

I just Googled 'imp' on the image search. I tried 'demons', 'Tiny Demons' etc and couldn't find what I wanted.

Davy H said...

Ah yes, I like a nice imp picture too.

ib said...

Ha Ha! Davy. My mum used to drive a Hillman Imp.

Davy H said...

Fabulous. It was one of my favourite Dinky cars. Still got it. Metallic bronze.

ib said...

The very same colour. She was a whizz - like a kangaroo, I remember - on the clutch.