Monday, 10 November 2008

No Wave Planet Gong

Time for a spot of blog tennis with the ever brilliant Ib at Sibling Shot On The Bleachers who posted an old Daevid Allen song yesterday. Of course, he’s done four posts since then so it’s a bit late but I can’t keep up with the pace.

Released early in 1978 when hippies were regarded with particular suspicion by the music press Opium For The People by Planet Gong (or No Wave Planet Gong if you prefer) attempted to cross the hippy/punk divide and probably pleased no-one as a result. Well almost no-one; I bought it. Steve Hillage, another former Gong member, recorded a similar, and in my view superior, punk/hippy crossover called 1988 Aktivator for his Live Herald album which I would post but I still haven’t got my new stylus.

Back in the day I preferred the b-side Poet For Sale which was perhaps more the sort of thing you would expect from the people involved.

No Wave Planet Gong were Daevid Allen & Gilli Smith with the Here & Now Band.

mp3: Planet Gong - Opium For The People (1978)
mp3: Planet Gong - Poet For Sale (1977)


ib said...
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ib said...

(sorry about that deletion there... Arthritic fingers)

Ah ha! Brilliant stuff, Mick. I haven't heard this one. The fact that Here & Now collaborated too with Mark P. & ATV makes it especially relevant.

Daevid Allen is unimpeachable.

Also, thought you might be interested in some Bill Nelson Deluxe over at Nothin' Says Somethin':

ib said...

Brilliant scans too!

Mick said...

I didn’t know about the Mark Perry connection, ib. It seems he thought the Here & Now policy of free concerts and selling records at gigs was more alternative than all the punk bands trying to get signed to major labels. I really should research these things but I prefer to write without too much pre-planning. I thought the sleeve deserved a decent scan particularly as the back cover doubles as a lyric sheet.

And thanks for the Bill Nelson link – it’s brilliant! There’s some stuff there I haven’t got in any format.

ib said...

I don't do do nearly enough research myself, Mick. It's always kind of after the fact.

This single is great. I got so excited about seeing a Gong release I wasn't familiar with I forgot to say thanks for the shout-out - or mention - or whatever it is in current parlance!

Thanks, belatedly, anyway. Fantastic!

sexy said...
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pinkpressthreat said...

Thanks alot !Dave Sez pointed me in the direction of this one so ta Dave!
And thankyou ib for the Bill Nelson clue-I'm gonna take a look now!!